Olympia is a gym, not a fitness centre.

The focus is on weightlifting and body building.

Our members find everything they need to gain strength, tone up and trim down.

There are the free weights preferred by old school body builders – such as Rocco Oppedisano, the godfather of Australian bodybuilding.

Rocco trains groups here every week.

There are modern resistance machines favoured by the younger bodybuilders.

There are bikes and treadmills.

Nothing fancy.

This is a proper gym. People come to work out.

You’ll see members pushing themselves and each other beyond their pain thresholds.

What’s unique is that you’ll also hear friendly banter and laughter.

A lot of it.

“I joined Olympia Gym because I had heard it was the place for people who took their training seriously … “real weights” in a “real gym” were sayings I recalled … so I walked through the timeless garage door and have never looked back. Through that door I found a bunch of great people – from all walks of life – of all ages. Olympia is no longer just a gym for me. I found much more than that there … working out is now just a bonus.”  Ez