There are now about 70 guys and girls who have been members since 1991, the year Olympia opened.

Some of our members are sons and daughters of these foundation members.

Doctor, plumber, police officer or accountant, they all come to achieve a goal … and then they stay.

There’s something peculiar about Olympia members. They hang around. They drop in frequently just for a chat.

Once a member, always a member.

And the longer they’ve been members, the better the shape they’re in.

“It’s like being at home. People leave their attitude at the door. You feel an instant rapport. We’re all here to get the best. We come here to grow muscles. That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun … just ask anyone about our regular water bottle kicking contest. The whole gym stops for that. The camaraderie here is like being with your best friends at school.” Mario