It doesn’t take long before first time visitors to Olympia notice the photos. No, not the photos scattered around the gym of a young Arnie and Emily.

Emily won the 2006 INBA Natural Olympia Sports Model Gold Medallist and Rocco when he won Mr Australia in 1976.

There are some more photos, a whole wall of them, that every visitor comments on.

There are dozens of photos of good looking (in their mums’ opinions) guys and girls posing in Times Square, at Uluru, in front of the Acropolis, in an Italian café and on a Thai beach.

They are all Olympia Gym members. And they are all wearing Olympia t-shirts or hoodies or singlets or baseball caps.

We can’t recall who was the first member to bring back a pic of themselves posing in their Olympia gear.

Now there isn’t a regular who doesn’t take a piece of Olympia clothing away with them and who doesn’t bring back a photo from their holiday to add to our wall.