Anyone who has driven along South Melbourne’s Montague Street knows Olympia Gym.

Every day for 30 years, the big roller shutter has almost always been open.

The lights have almost always been on.

Paul, the owner, is always there.

Many members have been coming here since Olympia opened.

Members just drop by for a chat, even on rest days.

Paul knows every one of them by name.

Life members and recent members say there’s something different about this place.

“In almost 30 years of weight training, I’ve never experienced a culture like Olympia.

Its equipment, its ethic with its ingrained humility is unique to Olympia’s atmosphere of dedicated training: showcasing some of Australia’s elite body builders. 

When you enter Olympia, you enter a reputation and history of bodybuilding that spans the ages, but instils a very proud respect for its hard-core strength. 
As is said… In life there are players and there are pretenders… At Olympia, no-one pretends!”  Garth