Here’s a story that tells you what it’s like to be a member of Olympia.

Being Melbourne, winter is all about football. Most groups of friends will arrange to meet at a pub before going to watch the game. Olympia members meet at the gym. Ask them why and they’ll simply say, “This is home”.

Whether they’ve been members since 1991 or they’re newbies, every member at Olympia is known by name.

If members see an unfamiliar face, they’ll walk up and introduce themselves.

If a member doesn’t come in for a week, owner Paul gets on the phone to check they’re okay.

“In my opinion, Olympia Gymnasium is a one of a kind gym in Melbourne. Paul has created an atmosphere at the gym that provides for athletes & fitness beginners. Regardless of their professional background, everyone just seems to work in perfectly with one another. The more experienced members are always helpful to the less confident. It’s an old school gym with so many wonderful qualities, non intimidating, positive, friendly energy & everyone is treated individually as per their needs. The big franchise gyms promise all these wonderful things, however it’s my experience that they sadly fail to meet their targets. The equipment, lots of which is brand new, feels great to use, in conjunction with some of the traditional pieces of equipment. Paul makes a real point in never forgetting anyone’s names. No computer needed. He remembers hundreds of them in his head, and the opening hours are great. Totally recommend this gym. Well done Paul.”  Louis