George - Olympia Gym Trainer
George has a great smile. When you train with George you'll see his smile a lot. The more George makes you hurt, the more he smiles.
Rocco - Olympia Gym Trainer
The man who started out at 63 kilos and 21 months later was Mr Australia. The godfather of Australian bodybuilding. Nobody has built more male and female Australian bodybuilding champions than Rocco. Enough said.
We tossed up whether to call this page Our Trainers or Our Family, because it sure feels like a family here.

Some of body building’s elite do their training at Olympia and choose to run their personal training sessions at the gym.

Olympia Gym is the Home of Melbourne’s friendliest and most experienced weight trainers. It’s the inner city’s Gym Mecca! It’s my home and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”  George